Lush cocktail<3 (super sweet pretty in pink)

Okay I am absolutley obsessed with all things Lush as i mentioned in my first blog post. (exspect alot more like this) I honestly thought i had more bathbombs with sweet smells but obviously not (do i smell a lush haul coming?) So i had to go with 2 bubble bars instead. I used Candy mountain and the comforter (2 of my all time faves!) with a little bit of snow fairy shower gel and of course some goth fairy to top it off. My boyfriends getting a bit sick of running about like Edward Cullen though with my glitter rubbing off on him haha.


I haven’t really been feeling great the past week (woman flu,ie im slowly dying but still making it to work) so i really needed a pick me up and whats a better way than smelling like sweeties and sparkling in glitter? ย Candy moutain has an amazing vanilla smell and it looks like a unicorn horn! I only used 1/2 a bar and there were so many bubbles i was contemplating not using the comforter but you can never have too many bubbles, right? ย Next off all i crumbled 1/2 of the comforter under the tap and the room was filled with the amazing fruity blackcurrent smell. The smell fragranced my whole downstairs for a good few hours, a lovely fruity vanillaey blackcurranty bliss! Then i started washing myself with snow fairy this is probably my favourite product from lush! All the glitter and that amazing sweet sweet smell of candy floss and bubblegum! Though only being able to purchase it around christmas breaks my heart, Thank god for 1kg bottles eh?

So after all the pampering and freezing cold bath water, i decided it was time to jump out and feel my amazingly soft skin! ย But whats better than super soft skin? Super soft skin covered in glitter obviously haha. So i turned to my little goth fairy for a helping hand. This is just one of my many cocktails have a creep down my instagram for more bath art pics this is my first of many reviews. Whats your favourite lush cocktail or product? Leave me a comment and let me know, i love trying out new items and cocktails. Until next time my lovelys xx


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