Preppy look 🤓

So yesterday I rocked a little preppy look. Green jumper with black and white stripes from new look teamed with a green leather mini from new look also 😁 the scarf is from accessorize, booties from m&s and my amazing faux fur coat which I got in the sale for £18 from DV8 😍 I love a bargain as you all know I wonder what bargain coat I’ll get this year 🤔 what’s you’re best winter bargain? 


3 Replies to “Preppy look 🤓”

    1. Yeah I got it for £14.99 and it’s super cosy believe it or not. I swear I’ve had it a monthish and wore it loads 🙈 I love shopping so much but defo a big bargain finder, got my over the knee boots for £22 😍 new look again lol x

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      1. That is not a bad price I will see if I can find it online, I have tried all the over the knee boots… My twig like legs need more beef to hold them up 😩😂 I love a good bargain I had to pop into M&S this week and take advantage on the 3 for 2 offer on stickers and wrapping paper X


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