Stress shopping 😍

So this week hasn’t been one of the best but I’m staying positive 🎉 to be honest it’s been a bit of a roller coaster 😂 

It all started out great on Sunday (my work starts on a Sunday so it feels right) got up early travelled down to larne with my dad. Which was pretty nice grabbed some breakfast on the way (porridge and of course a cappuccino 😍) . We called in and seen my granny and granda. Showed my granny Snapchat filters for the first time and she was laughing her head off, it was really nice to see. Then got dropped off to my mums house drunk some more coffee while filling out my forms for uni (posted and all, fingers crossed) . My mum then surprises me with a back massage because she knows I’ve been feeling kinda rough lately. She’s honestly the best woman in the world 🌎. 

I then wake up Monday morning with the worst flu from hell 😭. You know the kind of sick when even you’re hairs sore? But I slapped on some Vicks and I’m on the mend 💪👌🏻🎉. 

Tuesday I managed to finally sort my wardrobe out and clear out all the clothes that I haven’t wore in a year, is it weird how satisfied I feel? But I didn’t stop there come Wednesday no where was safe every drawer, cupboard or other area is super organised 😂. And I have just realised I have turned into my mother. 

Thursday came and so did wearing Christmas jumpers in work and the Christmas challenges. Day one began with taking an ‘elfie’ and sending a 10sec clip of you miming you’re favourite Christmas song. So of course I posted the challenge into the WhatsApp group and someone suggested using Run-D.M.C – Christmas in Hollis. So i grabbed 2 black adidas jackets, 2 pairs of sunglasses and my superstars and was on my way to recreate my very own version 😂. Unfortunately we didn’t win. Though I did manage to get the boots I’ve been dreaming about for a massive bargain! £46 down to £22 (new look) 😍 though I used my love to shop voucher so they were free to me haha. 

So then comes today I had to grab a selfie with santa and send a video clip of my list to santa and my reasons of why I’ve been nice 👍. I went for the cute tactic with my video using the deer filter on Snapchat and pretended to be Rudolph. Unfortunately in our shopping centre we don’t have a santa so I had to photoshop one in to the selfie. So it’s the BIG STAFF NIGHT OUT tomorrow so pamper night tonight though of course i woke up this morning with another face growing from my chin 🙄. 
But I got new boots and a new dress so I’ll be feeling myself tomorrow 💃🏼💃🏼🎉🎉 I’ll keep yous updated on the Christmas challenges 😂. 


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