Wax melts? 🤔

Afternoon all 😊 I got an amazing gift this year from my mummy which was an electric wax warmer! I am completely obsessed with all things sented (bath bombs, creams, candles the list is endless) so when I got to open this as an early Christmas gift I was over the moon!  🌙 

The burner she got me is so super cute and all festive which is why it was an early gift so I could have it up all over the holiday period. I was also gifted some wax for it called Cinnabark from woodwick, the smell is amazing! It really makes me think of Christmas. It’s kind of a woody cinnamon scent which just works! The throw was really good as well and I got about 8/12 hours of use from the one melt which I think is amazing!

So I’ve been searching far and wide for other brands and different scents. I managed to snap up some Yankee candle melts in the sale (aloe water, vanilla cupcake and red raspberry)  now just to decide which one is going where 🤔. I was thinking of vanilla cupcake in the kitchen cause mine always smells of coffee ☕️😂.  
Do you guys have any favourite brands or scents? Please leave a comment below and let me know, it’ll make my search so much easier.😁❤😂 Hope you’re all having an amazing day, until next time ❤🦄
P.s. I’ve also seen the #waxadaychallenge which I’m really interested in trying out but I gotta find the melt source 🤔 have any of yous attempted the challenge?


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