Granny Annie’s ❤

Hey guys 👋🏻. Yesterday my boyfriend and I had a date day, we decided to head to granny Annie’s to try it out and spend our voucher. We had called ahead and booked a table so we where seen to quickly and sitting in a seat. 

The menu was great and we had some difficult decisions picking what to go for, so we ended up getting 2 starters and mains we really wanted and shared. We should probably head to a buffet instead. 😂 We started off with flamin’ hot wings and nachos. The wings were unreal, the meat just fell off the bone. I also loved the way the nachos came out. The mince&cheese were in a separate dish and the nachos in a old tin cup (so cute) with a sour cream dip on the side. Does it annoy anyone else when your nachos get all soggy? 🙄

For mains we went for steak ciabatta (medium/rare) with salt and chilli chips and the chicken escalope with gravey and buttery mash. The steak was amazing and the bread was so fresh! I loved they way it all came out on old trays and my mash was in a cute little saucepan. The gravey is one of the nicest I’ve ever had and the grilled chicken was just right. Also the mash had no lumps. (Praise the lord) 🙌🏻 I couldn’t fault this place at all the food was amazing and pretty reasonably priced, we will be back to try the pie it looked amazing something desperate Dan would enjoy! (It’s huge!) 

Where’s you’re favourite places to eat? Or what’s you’re favourite meal? (Can you tell how much I love food🙊) Until next time darlings 🦄❤


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