Keep your head up and love yourself! โค

Hey guys! Again I’m sorry for being so quiet but I’ve had a lot going on. I started my new job, moved house and started uni. So it’s all been a little nuts and very very stressful. Which of course my little buddies anxiety and depression had to show up, its been horrible the last few weeks panic attack central! But I don’t want to feel like this so I know I needed to change something, I’ve tried the tablets from the doctors but for me they just had me really spaced out (so spaced out a customer asked me if I was stoned?).  I’ve really been looking into this self care things and mindfulness and I can see improvements already.

I started off by downloading the Headspace app you get a free 10 day session though you can always just keep replaying them over and over ;). I try to do this each morning while I’m waiting on my morning coffee cooling down a little. The feeling off utter peace and relaxation after my morning sesh is amazing! For anyone suffering you’ll understand the feeling of not thinking anything and it’s just amazing! Also giving yourself 10 mins, yes 10 mins all to yourself where you are the only one who matters really helps.

Just think of all the amazing things you do in a day… are any of them treating yourself? More than likely if you’re like me the answer was probably no. You bend over backwards to please everyone around you and make sure they are happy but what about you? Someone had told me years ago, “Make sure you always put yourself first!”, which at the time I thought it was awfully selfish but the more I think about it, it’s 100% right. Why should you go to the cinema to see a movie you don’t want to? A lot of people end up not knowing what they really like because they are to easy going and do what everyone else is doing. This was me, no idea what I actually liked anymore. I couldn’t remember the last time I had even picked a TV show to watch. So that was it I put my foot down and thought yes it’s time to be selfish, I am going to watch Grand designs and eat macaroons, I will wear a skirt for lunch even though some of yous are in tracksuits.

I’ve even updated my bedtime routine which use to consist of me looking in the mirror sighing that I have to take my makeup off, to just turning around and crawling into bed anyway… let future Lauren deal with that. Though now I have a bedtime and a wake time set on my phone, I get a little bedtime reminder and hour before though you can set this for however long or short you would like. So in this hour, I pamper the life outta myself (it’s been going strong for over a week now), I have ether a bath or shower using amazing smelling and nourishing products, then I rub in some body lotion and finish it off with a little dusting powder. I also cleanse, tone and mositurise twice daily with exfoliation twice a week and a facemask once just for good measure. Most of my pamper goodies are from Lush cosmetics but I’m sure you guys could of guessed that lol . I’ve noticed such a change in my mood from doing this, I feel so much better in myself. My skin’s softer (them horrible little red bumps at the tops of my arms are gone!), I always smell amazing, My makeup sits better, I don’t give myself a heartattack every morning with my panda eyes, the list is endless.

I don’t really know why I have hiden away from my blog so much because it really helps me get out how I feel and takes me away from it all for a while. Maybe cause I know you guys don’t want to read about me being stuck under a duvet crying into a tub of Ben& Jerrys. Though now the worst of it’s gone I can finally write about something different. Really what I think i’ve been trying to explain is that we all need to love ourselves. I use to think loving yourself was the worst thing in the world, that it made you really full of yourself and not a nice person. But in realisation you need to love yourself and give yourself time to treat you the way you would treat others. So please guys take 5 mins before bed each night this week and cover your body in some body lotion and let me know how much better you feel by the end of the week with your new super soft and sweet smelling skin. I still have a long way to go on my path of loving myself, but I think I’ve made a pretty good start by already liking myself. Also I know I’m just a girl behind a laptop but I am a person so if you ever feel down or need someone to talk to, I AM HERE! I can’t promise to make things better but I promise to be an unjudgemental sholder to cry on.  Until next time… ๐Ÿฆ„


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