So last night I attended a meeting with my for our new travel thingy, if you wanna know more send me an email. 😁 I’ve been having a bit of a tough time recently as you guys know, so I decided to start making an effort again. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you take care of yourself. I’d got stuck in a rut of wearing jammies or else sports wear. 🙈 You know wearing sports wear with no intention of hitting the gym, just so you can avoid doing make up and your hair? 😂 Yeah that was me! 

But I’ve been doing better and it’s all about working on it every day, so when I noticed last week that I’d went to the shop in sports wear to avoid the full getting ready process, I made myself go for a run around the park. It made me feel instantly better and really cleared my head. I’ve started adding in little bits of exercise to my routine now like yoga to help me chill out a bit. My knees are dodgy so the running may have to be cut down to 3 times a week. Though I have heard recently that an hour long bath is as good as an hours exercise so maybe running can suck it. 😂

But anyway back to the outfit, I have my trusty £6 primark bodycon midi added with hippy kimono my bestie gave me. I feel in love with the pattern as soon as I seen it but it was too big. (we both lost weight and did a wardrobe swap of things we were chucking 😂) I’ve been staring at this in my wardrobe for probably about a year with no idea what to do with it, turns out I only had to tie it up. 😂 Matched with black tights because I live in Ireland and it’s freezing all the time. 😢 Another primark fave is my half cowboy boots with super shiny silver buckles that were a steal at £12. 😍 So here we are a full outfit for less than £20 💁🏼 barganista award please? 😂 Do you guys have an fave bargains? Please share them in the comments if you do 😁 Until next time… 🦄


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