Tea and sympathy…

Hey guys! So this is me catching up on my reviews πŸ™„. I used this bath bomb a few weeks back after I took a horrible allergic reaction and my skin went all red and horrible (TMI?). Okay so I really wanted a bath but was obviously scared incase I broke out again which was the perfect opportunity to use this little beauty. (Okay maybe not a beauty.) If you are looking for some serious bath art this is not the bomb for you, but if your looking for a super soft skin detox then he’s your guy!

When the package arrived I wasn’t sure on the smell, but that all changed once it hit the water! It has a very light herbally refreshing scent although it didn’t stick around for long after the bath or maybe because I used sympathy for the skin and it just kind of masked it. As I mentioned earlier you won’t get much bathart from this one, it just fizzes and leaves you with milky waters and a single teabag floating about. (The teabag creeped me out a bit.) It definitely did the job of making my skin feel super soft and clean, although I do enjoy more of a show in the bath.

So all in all, this isn’t going to make it into the top 5 but I would love to use it again. It was perfect at the time and really what my skin needed, but my eyes need colour and pretty shapes. Although the scent from this is amazing I would probably repurchase to include in a cocktail or if my skin is playing up and being all sensitive and stuff. Have any of you tested this bathbomb? Did you use the teabag after? πŸ€” Β I also just found this awesome new website for bath products, can’t wait for my goodies to arrive : Sabon


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