Top 5 Geek chic picks…

Hey so I’m going to try out something a little different and give you my top 5 geek chic items you must have this month! (No images in this post are mine)

1) So as I live in Belfast one thing you can never trust is the weather, so why not let your inner Potter out with this fantastic poncho? (Lighting bolt scar not included)

2) Since it’s summer you may be able to get these out once for the BBQ and how else would you serve salad?

3) I LOVE CANDLES AND OLD SCHOOL PLAYSTATION, you can just imagine my excitement when I found these!

4) I fell in love with this little guy soooo bad and now need everything with his face on it! Also having him to dance about the house would be fun.

5) Last but not least and I kinda wish I could add more, though I’m hoping to make this a weekly/monthly thing so I can’t use all of them straight away. I’ve been playing this game since day one, we’ve had our ups and downs but mostly we get on.


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