Benebabe? πŸ’‹

Hey everyone! Hope yous are all fantastic! Sorry for not posting yesterday or the day before but I kinda felt like I bombarded you with 3 posts in one day and I’ve also been super busy. I have some really good news though! So when I wasn’t writing blogs on Friday I had my interview with Benefit cosmetics and I only went and landed myself a shift on Monday. 😲 Benefit is one of my favourite brands and was the first one I ever used! (Yes I was attracted by the retro designs.) Though I still have my top 3 makeup bag essentials from them:

1)Benetint- Perfect for holidays or no makeup makeup days. Kills 2 birds with one stone what’s not to love? This gives a lovely tint to lips or cheeks and lasts forever! You may think it’s a little pricey but this stuff will last you an eternity!

2) High beam- I was introduced to highlight from a young age and have been obsessing over the glazed donut look for many years. This is the first highlight I ever used and I still stand by that it’s my favourite. 

3) They’re real! – This mascara saved me from having no eyelashes at all! I had got really obsessed with falsies and I had to have them super close to the lashes so I was pulling them out when I was removing the fake ones. (Yes, Ouch!) Then I found the Holy grail of mascara and didn’t need the fake ones anymore! Thank you Benefit! (I’ve also started using Nuxe dry oil which I think has made my lashes a lot healthier leading them to be a lot thicker and longer, also helps I’m not ripping them out anymore πŸ™„) 

Have you any Benefit makeup bag essentials or what’s your favourite product from them? Leave me a comment and let me know! Also here’s a picture of me trying on what I’ve to wear on Monday cause I’m a geek πŸ€“ 


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