Holiday makeup essentials…

Hey everyone! So as I said in my previous post I would be uploading this today so I hope you enjoy it. As you probably know if you read my blog I’m just a lazy girl that wants to be pretty. So any 2 in 1 products are right up my street. Also I like to think I’m pretty savvy with my money. (Well I try to be) I will also be talking a lot about my Birchbox subscription (BBS) as I mostly use the samples I get sent to travel with. This is why I love Birchbox, I will test the sample to make sure I don’t have a reaction (curse my sensitive skin) and then if I love it, I’ll buy the full size and keep the mini so I can refill it when I jet off.  On Holidays during the day I tend to keep it quiet natural, a no makeup makeup look. (Doesn’t the word makeup look funny now?)  Then at nights I like to jazz it up a little bit more. Alas with just hand luggage I wont have the space for all my Palettes or anything over 100ml and this is how it gets tricky.

I’m going to be starting from the bottom (now we here) and building it up so the primer I will be taking with me is from my BBS and is the Laura Mercier foundation primer, Blemish-less. I love this product! A little goes a long way and really helps keep my unpredictable skin at bay.  It also helps hide them pesky open pores and gives me a great base. I will also be taking with me my Marcelle BB cream, Golden glow illuminator which is an exclusive to birchbox. I really love using a BB cream throughout the day so I feel like my skin can breath and leave the heavier foundations for nighttime. This product gives you a lovely glow which I think is perfect for summer time! I haven’t decided on which foundation I should take yet, if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments! (IMAGES BELOW ARE NOT MINE)

Image result for blemish less primerImage result for Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator

Blemish-less, £29. Grab it here:

Golden Glow Illuminator, £25.50. Grab it here:

The next product I will be discussing is a lazy gals favourite! IT’S 3 IN ONE! Yes I am talking about ModelCo Highlighting Trio, I love that this has your highlight, blush and bronzer all in a handy like pot.  It’s like this product was made for festival goers and travellers. The product glides on easily and blends so well. I will also be bringing my new GoGo lip & cheek stain from Benefit as I love how you can build up the colour on your lips for a really beautiful Cherry red which I will probably use in the evening for something a little more dramatic. It will also be nice to have a choice in which blush/lip products I use each day. (IMAGES BELOW ARE NOT MINE)

Image result for ModelCo® Highlighting Trio Image result for gogo tint

Highlighting Trio, £8.50. Get it here:

GoGo tint, £25.50. Get it here:

Finally we move on to eyes, I love big dramatic eyes but I am refusing to take my large palettes because I need that room for all the extra pairs of pants I pack, even though I know I won’t need them. Luckily enough my BBS sent me a small palette with 3 colours from the POP Beauty, Bright up your life (Naturally bare) palette. I’ll be using my Spectrum Collections Marbleous Tulip eye contour to apply which is probably one of my favourite brushes for blending. The pointed tip makes building up colour in the crease or under the brow so much easier. Also this is one of the softest brushes I’ve ever used which makes it a lot nicer to use than my other ones. I’m going to be tinting my brows before I go so I probably will leave them bare during the day and use my Meech and Mia, Browliner in the evenings for more of a defined and dramatic brow. I love how long this product lasts and when it comes to sharpening time the pencil doesn’t splinter, HALLELUJAH! I’ll be bringing Doucce Punk volumizer mascara, this is my favourite as it makes my lashes super long and thick! Although I do kind of wish the brush was just a tiny bit smaller because I’m way too lazy to be wiping away the excess. (IMAGES BELOW ARE NOT MINE)

POP Bright Up Your Life - Naturally BareImage result for Spectrum Collections Marbleous Tulip Eye Contour BrushImage result for meech and mia brow linerImage result for doucce punk volumizer mascara

Bright up your life, £15.50. Get it here:

Bright Up Your Life

Marbleous Tulip Eye Contour Brush. £4.99. Get it here:

Browliner, £12.99. Get it here:

Punk volumizer mascara, £18. Get it here:

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about what I’ll be taking away with me, let me know if you think I should take anything else in the comments below. I have been thinking about doing a youtube of my latest haul from Lush what do yous think? Until next time! 🦄💜



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