Wednesday wish list…

Hey everyone! I have been thinking a lot lately about how I have so many things in my house that I thought I really needed at the time and its only been a few weeks and I’ve already gone off them. So I was scrolling through the internet and found a blog post about creating wishlists and checking back to them every few weeks when you’re planning on purchasing and seeing what you really “need”. At the moment I am on a spending ban pretty much because I have a holiday coming up and I would really love to go traveling next year. So getting into the habit of not spending my cash on housey things and or clothes that I can only wear for one night has been something pretty new too me. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still buying clothes, Lush, wax melts and candles (A girl’s got to live) but on a very strict regime. Only when I am on my last bath bomb may I purchase anymore cause chances are if i’m exploring the world I wont have access to a bathtub. Also when purchasing new clothes the item has to match at least 3 items in my current wardrobe. The Stylebook app for Iphone has literally made my life so much easier! You can easily see every item you have in your wardrobe all on your phone! (Can not guarantee it will be in your wardrobe or hung up unfortunately) But you can create looks and keep a track of the items you wear the most which is always interesting! ( I love stats!) ALL IMAGES ARE NOT MINE.

So here goes this weeks wish list:

  1. This awesome studded faux leather jacket from Missguided, £75. I literally wear my leather jacket with everything! But I am not a size 12 anymore and my trusty jacket that I’ve probably had for the last 3 years needs updated. Grab it here:                    Other View
  2. These beautiful Nike Internationalist, £67. I love getting new trainers for traveling especially because we are heading to Haarlem and we will be doing loads of walking.  Grab them here:                                                                               Nike Internationalist Women's
  3. I am obsessed with unicorns (not obvious or anything) so I would absolutely love this addition to my bedroom! Giant Unicorn mood light, £19.99. Grab it here:                                              Giant Unicorn Mood Light - Multi
  4. I have fallen in love with the new Lip Lingerie range from NYX, £7. I have heard a million good reviews so maybe its time to test them out. Grab them here: result for lip lingerie nyx
  5.  I absolutely love the Cupcake Chasm! The wax is amazingly scented and comes in so many different scents. They have something for everyone! I’m loving these atm and they are on offer!! Birthday cake melt cup, £1.20. Grab them here:                                Birthday Cake

So that concludes this weeks wish list, whats on yours? Until next time. 🦄💜


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